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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 216 - 219

216. About a week later Agnes came to class and I noticed right away that she was especially upset about something. She had not bothered to comb her hair that day.

217. Agnes had frizzy hair, white sprinkled in all over, and usually kept in place by being tied in a knot. She always had a pencil stuck in the knot. On this particular Saturday, there was no knot, and no pencil, and she had the look of a gypsy woman running from the police.

218. We sat together, alone in the studio. She was sitting on a table, and I was sitting on a stool. On the table was an unfinished head of a woman in red clay that had fallen on the floor, and all the features were smashed over to one side.

219. The clay head should have been wrapped in plastic, but instead, I think it had been abandoned. Agnes said, “I have stopped doing the Good Doctor’s shadow drawings.”

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