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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture 13 - 16

 13. Mrs. Festini, in our conversations after class, which became more and more lengthy and involved, expressed her frustration to me. “These policemen,” she said, “have no interest in sculpture at all. You can see at a glance, that all they think about day and night is the hunting season.” 

 14. “I have a suggestion, why don’t you buy a few of those plaster cast kits from a craft store. Then they can pour plaster into a mold, and go home with a realistic cast of deer.” At first she said nothing, but then, in an angry tone the protested, “This is a sculpture class, not a crafts class.”

 15. It is always interesting to observe how a person can change their mind in the middle of some declarative statement. When Mrs. Festini ended her objection to my suggestion it has turned into a question. 

16. “Casting molds of animals into plaster and painting them brown is sculpture for these students of yours,” I said. My idea must have made an impression on her because the following Saturday afternoon she came to class with a set of six casting kits for the students who were civil servants.

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