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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4648 - 4651

4648. What Donna the hostess, said to Coromo the painter. "Tonight, a few hours ago, there was a total eclipse of the moon. At night only the light of the moon illuminates the plane. 
4649. For some time the plane was in total darkness, which hardly ever happens, and then the eclipse ended, and the light of the moon again lighted up the plane.

4650. When the moon reappeared it was at a certain angle such that the tip of the vertical tail wing was casting a little shadow on the wing under your window.  

4651. As the moon moved slowly across the night sky, its angle to the wing gradually changed, and more and more shadow appeared. Now the sun will begin to rise, and the dark triangle, and your fears will disappear."

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