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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dog Astronomy, parts 4388 - 4391

 4388. For the time being the question of how to get to Rome was forgotten and the three of them fell to talking about their experiences in the dog-fighting ring. For them the thing was quite comical, but they were like soldiers who laugh at the tragedies of war. 

 4389. The subject of Leon came up. Leon was the older gladiator dog that Otis had nearly killed during his last combat in the ring. They wondered what had become of him, and their curiosity became so great that they decided to go in search of him, and see how he was getting on.

 4390. All three of them thought that by now Leon would be dead, but they did not say so. As for finding Leon, that was a lot simpler than finding Rome, his location could be easily tracked from the remaining scent in the area.

  4391. Otis provided the necessary information for them and they set out in search of the nearest dog-fighting pit. They found it the next evening and, to their surprise and satisfaction they found Leon to be about as well and in good spirits as an old gladiator dog could manage to be under the circumstances.

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