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Monday, March 23, 2015

Dog Astrology, parts 4384 - 4387

 4384. It is quite easy to explain the difference in their ideas about how the sun sets, it has to do, as I said before, with the difference in where they were in the habit of going to sleep at night. 

 4385. Remo had been going to bed in the same place, in the same way since he was born, and the wolf had been going to sleep in a different place and in a different way since he was born. 

 4386. This being so, Otis saw a different view of the sky every night, if he even bothered to have a look at the sky. And Remo saw the same piece of the sky every night, which he could not help but notice.

4387. It is easy to understand their disagreements then, since they had such contrary experiences leading up to the point where they became companions on the road.

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