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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Otis Escapes, parts 4043 - 4046

 4043. The blind man’s instructors neglected to explain to him how he was to determine when his various actions were to be employed, and they were content to have him practice his part on Otis’ play as an audience member, regardless of the appropriateness of what he did.

 4044. They were sure that in time the blind deaf man would somehow figure out when he was to do the various things he had been taught to do.

 4045. So the play began, and the actors had learned their parts perfectly; every nuance and every inflection was delivered with precision, and the one audience member had also learned his part, and did his actions with enthusiasm, but it was all a dream, a dream taking place in the head of Otis the wolf.

 4046. At first everything went according to plan, but by accident. The blind man shouted ‘bravo,’ after great speeches, and even turned his head aside and shed a tear when a young girl was deserted by her friends and family after a false accusation, but it was all a lucky accident. Soon he was standing up and calling for an encore when the first act had not yet been completed, and then he proceeded to throw tomatoes at a most inappropriate time in the action.

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