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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3927 - 3930

3927. She would have accepted the apparent accidental damage to her creation, and she would have forgiven it, but she was outraged that her brothers would be laughing about it. It was all a momentary misunderstanding that would have been explained in a minute but in that minute something drastic happened.

3928. Emily picked up her little calligraphy pen with the brass nib, and drove in into the upper arm of her elder brother. It was aggravated assault, because Emily was highly aggravated. The brothers were dumbfounded, and were hardly able to explain that it was all just a prank, a meaningless prank.

3929. Almost immediately after Emily stabbed the older brother, the younger brother produced Emily’s sculpture complete and intact. What a dilemma! If only they had been laughing about her actual sculpture, rather that the fake one, Emily’s violent reaction would have at least been understood, even if she could not be excused.

3930. But because of a simple coincidence of the order of events, Emily appeared to be a young person dangerously out of control, and in need of serious punishment. It was impossible to explain or justify Emily’s behavior to her parents, and although The Tutor tried to justify the stabbing, she gave up the attempt at the first word.

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