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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3907 - 3910

3907. The instant Emily and the tutor entered the studio, the brothers’ changed the nature of their discussion and began to talk about the sculpture in an attentive and interested way. The wanted to know what kind of horse was represented, and how detailed Emily planned to make her model. One of the boys asked this question, “If the model of a horse is one foot tall, is it possible to represent the eyes clearly when one comes to model the face?” 

3908. This question led to an interesting conversation about what size details can be depicted in various sized statuary. The tutor said that she knew of historic monuments where a figure was created life sized, and the coat of the figure was worked so carefully that you could see the woven threads that made up the garment.

3909. Just then the sculptor instructor entered the studio and overhearing the conversation. Showing off his knowledge, he asked this rhetorical question, “How long do you think, Emily, it would take to model an overcoat in clay, and make it perfect down to the detail of the threads of the coat.”

3910. The question was directed to Emily because the instructor suspected that the two brother’s interest in art was feigned. The question, however, was entirely rhetorical and had no answer. It was a question only intended to produce awe in his listeners.

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