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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3899 - 3902

3899. Emily had two older brothers. She was 13, and her brothers were both 14 and about 10 months apart in age. Perhaps if they had both been fifteen things would have been different. There is a great difference between fifteen, and fourteen. A fourteen year old will do mean things without any guilt that a fifteen year old would recoil from in shame.

3900. When Emily was out of the room she used as a studio, the brothers would sneak in and then proceed to conduct a conversation about Emily’s sculpture. What they said about the work I will not reproduce here but if you are familiar with the kinds of things 14 year-old boys say to entertain each other you can probably guess.

3901. Emily was using a water-based clay to do her works. It was red clay with grog in it. Grog consists of fine particles of already fired clay that had been pounded into grit and mixed with the unfired clay. Grog gives the clay a texture so that it is easier to model, and not so slippery.

3902. The clay with the grog in it is rough and red, and there is another type of water-based clay that is a greenish-brown. A third type of clay is oil based and never dries out, and is used when the piece is to be cast into plaster, but whatever type of clay she was using, all types of clay have one thing in common; they all can look like horse excrement.

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