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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Schism, parts 3783 - 3786

 3783. The question of whether a person has all four grandparents still alive as an adult may not sound like a thing of any importance, but it is. The Romans of the Imperial period considered it an essential prerequisite for any person chosen to be one of the emperor’s personal guards. Why would this be? 

 3784. It was because a person, who has all four grandparents alive, as well as both parents, has never been subjected to the shock and emotional disruption of death. Death is a thing, more than any other that leads a person to question all authority. One not only questions all authority, but one is tempted to question the very source of all creation, that being God Himself. 

 3785. It often happens that a child subjected to the experience of the sudden death of a parent, will curse God and proclaim that God cannot exist, and if God does exist, then he must be a suspect, perhaps guilty of the great crimes of human experience. For such a person, God is a primal force to be sought out and attacked, rather than worshiped. From the ranks of these then come the revolutionaries, and revolutionaries do not make good palace guards.

3786. Ivan was an exception however. With him just the reverse had happened. He could not measure up to his father’s and his grandfather’s expectations and so he became disgruntled. Because the seed of revolutionary ideas had been planted in his soul accidentally, he began to despise the society in which his ancestors had thrived, even though he was a natural part of it.

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