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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Schism, parts 3775 - 3778

 3775. The small statues of Christ Ivan carved were not much of a challenge for him, even with his limited abilities, because they were all copied from a form created by some unknown master years ago, and the procedures involved to reproduce the images were so formalized that each step was both numbered and named. It seemed to Ivan that even a blind person could have hacked out the shapes he was required to create; so mechanical was the process. 

 3776. It was there in the ornaments department of the funeral parlor that Ivan met Harriet’s husband, at a time when he was there to make arrangements for Aunt Marfa’s funeral. He was introduced as the son and grandson of the creator of the famous equestrian statue that had been in the news of late.

3777. Because of that introduction Ivan was treated as a master craftsman, even though the work he was performing in the monument department indicated that he was not the master he was mistake for. Harriet’s husband, as we mentioned before, was not about to make any observations about the quality of Ivan’s work, since sculpture was all the same to him

3778. The painter Harriet’s husband invited to her birthday party was a different sort of person altogether. He had learned his trade in the guilds of the icon makers and was considered destined to become a true master of the art. Not content to utilize the tin stencils in use from time immemorial to outline the shapes of the figures in various icons, he drew his shapes from nature.

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