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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3815 - 3818

 3815. No interest was taken by the authorities in Clara’s group because it was so small, and their ideas so extreme that it was all taken as a kind of joke by everyone who heard about it. For Clara however there was no part of her mind or her thinking that was not occupied by the groups ideas and assumptions.

 3816. I can’t say for certain if Clara’s really believed all of the ideas she so fervently espoused at those Bible study meetings. If you want my opinion I will tell you, but I ask the reader not to judge me too harshly, and keep in mind that what I am going to say is just my opinion, and I will be the first to say I could be completely wrong.

 3817. Having said that as an introduction, I will now say that Clara did not believe a word of what was said in the Bible study group, and latched on to it in desperation because she needed some way out of here terrible predicament of being a nursemaid to her eternally dying husband.

3818. Clara was a simple and honest woman, but even though she was honest with herself and with others, she could never have brought herself to say that she wished her husband would just die and get it over with.

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