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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Birthday party, parts 3795 - 3798

 3795. One time Anya’s husband pointed out to her that she sometimes dressed in a way that was so revealing that it was almost embarrassing for him at social gatherings. Anya was dumbfound by her husband’s remark, and at first had difficulty even understanding what he was talking about. Her husband said to her, “Anya dear, the dress you are wearing is so shear that you can clearly see your…” But here he stammered a little and would not go on.

 3796. When finally Anya understood what he was talking about she said, “Doctor Herzenstube has told me that I must get as much fresh air and sunshine as possible, especially on my chest which is so easily congested, so I have no choice in the matter.”

 3797. “But Anya,” her husband said, “Someone not aware of those doctors orders might get the wrong idea about you and then…” Here again he could not go on and became flustered. “Well really,” replied Anya, if that were to ever happen it would simply be their problem and not mine.” 

3798. There in a nutshell you can see Anya’s naive temperament, which caused her go through life trashing the hearts of gentlemen left and right, and seemingly not aware of the her devastation.

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