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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Birthday party, parts 3791 - 3794

  3791. At such times Harriet, or Clara, or even both of them would rush to sooth her and swear their devotion to her. They would apologize to her and not let her go until she would relent and return to the dinner table. In truth Harriet and her sister Clara deeply loved and respected Frieda, simply because she said the things they thought and felt themselves, but were too cowardly to utter, especially in front of their husbands, no matter how indulgent those husbands may have seemed on occasion.

 3792. The fourth woman at the birthday party was Harriet's nearest neighbor during the summer months. She and her husband rented a cottage on Harriet's husband's estate just for the month of August. Her name was Anya. Anya was a tremendous flirt with everyone except her husband, whom she treated with slavish devotion. 

 3793. To see Anya in action among a crowd of her many admires one would have thought she was a woman of multiple affairs and liaisons, but the opposite was the case. She was prudish in the extreme, and became profoundly indignant if one of the suggestive remarks she was fond of making to some young man resulted in any advances towards her person.

  3794. You might guess that Anya was attractive in the extreme, and you would be correct. Her face was round and she had a slight double chin. Her hair was naturally jet black and somewhat curly. Her most prominent feature were her eyes, one of which was slightly slanted, and a little narrower than the other giving her a cat-like somewhat Tartar look.

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