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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Schism, parts 3667 - 3670

 3667. Alexis was removed from his cell late in the morning of Tuesday, when the faculty, staff and students returned to the school. It was just luck that they found him there in the cell, because everyone had forgotten about him altogether. If a few weeks had gone by he surely would have died, but as luck would have it, one of the cadets had to be locked in the detention room because of an entire weekend of riotous behavior.

 3668. You can be sure that the staff, when they found him in the room unconscious, apologized to him profusely, fed his a good meal, and even sent him home in a carriage. Meanwhile, a curious event transpired during those three days, at the residence of the Minister and his wife who employed the boy as the door opener of their equipage.

 3669. When the minister and his wife arrived home after the long meeting at the Ministry of Financial affairs, the wife, whose name happened to be Harriett, noticed at once that it was not her attendant that opened the door when they arrived at their estate. They visited their estate in the country only in the summer during the heat of July and August. The day Alexis disappeared from his post was the first day of their summer vacation.

3670. At first Harriett made only a passing inquiry about the boy and concealed her anxiety about him. But the next day she became quite agitated and when her husband asked her what was wrong she said she thought she was coming down with “La Grippe,” a fashionable illness like a cold, going the rounds of the aristocracy because of its French origins.

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