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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bluto, parts 3416 - 3419

 3416. The telescope was about three inches long. When you held it up to your eye and pointed it toward the light you could see a man in a barbershop getting his hair cut. The barber was a woman and she was naked. The barber had long breasts that hung down over the man’s shoulders and stretched out over his chest. Everyone wanted their chance to have a look at it. 

 3417. When I got a hold of it I was unable to look through it because everyone was jumping all over me trying to get it away from me before the bell rang, which was any second. I ran away from them trying to get far enough away to get a second to hold it up to my eye. I ran around the back end of Mrs. Hagner’s old brown Hudson and up between her car and Mr. Roach’s Buick and I banged into the Hagner’s rear view mirror and it snapped off and fell on the ground at my feet.

 3418. Everyone froze, and then the bell rang. It was a disaster that could have many outcomes and all of them bad. About ten of us were involved and we could all be to blame because of the telescope, or just I could be to blame because of the mirror.

3419. I could pick up the mirror and take the blame, or kick it under the car and claim ignorance, but what I did was probably a misguided idea of half-hearted devious honesty.  I picked up the mirror, but at the same time I pushed the telescope into the cuff of my jeans where no teacher would ever dream of looking for it.

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