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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bluto, parts 3432 - 3435

 3432. All this time, as almost a minute went by with me helpless in her grasp, I imagine she was probably trying to decide what to do with me and unable to arrive at any plan, like a cat that walks around absentmindedly with a mouse in its jaws. Finally she began shaking me very violently back and forth, but then after a while she let go. 

 3433. Then she turned and walked away from me without saying anything, and the bell rang for us to go to homeroom.

 3434. But Mrs. Hagner had not finished with me and I could see all day that she was thinking about some appropriate way to punish me. I knew she was not going to try to find out about the telescope; she was an old teacher and she knew all of our tricks. If I took responsibility for her broken mirror, she knew it was because I would adamantly deny any knowledge of the telescope.

3435. When the last bell of the day rang out she allowed me to get almost through the door before she called me back and had me sit down. I knew she was not going to let me out that afternoon, but why she let me think I might possible escape was most likely just a spiteful trick she had perfected over the years.

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