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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bluto, parts 3312 - 3315

 3312. Meanwhile, I  was arriving at the fire station later and later that winter.  The fire station was where the man from the Observer Dispatch, our local newspaper, dropped off our bundles of  papers every day.  He drove a gray 1949 Plymouth two door sedan.

  3013.  After I started to be late paying my bill I  would break into a sweat every time I  would see any gray Plymouth, even a new one.  Since I  was never there when he delivered my bundle of papers I  was never able to tell him to give me fewer papers.

 3014.When my route got down to one hundred costumers I  was losing over half my profits for the route, since I  had to keep on paying for the papers I  wasn’t delivering everyday. 

3015. But here is the odd thing about my situation; I  didn’t care about the money. I  was supposed to get twenty dollars at the end of the week, but now I  was only getting ten, but my biggest problem that I  faced every day was what to do with all of  the extra papers. I  had to throw them away but I  didn’t want anyone to notice; I  didn’t want anyone to know.

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