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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3172 - 3175

 3172. Jason loved the cars that had big engines and were fast and powerful, but the poor soul who was condemned in this life, to drive a stripped down six cylinder Rambler American, for them he had nothing but contempt.

 3173. Our science teacher drove a little Nash Rambler, the model with no chrome and those bland inserts where the radio was supposed to be. You would have thought that Miss Pease’s ownership of that car  was a personal affront and a direct insult to Jason’s feelings. On the other hand our gym coach had a Buick Special convertible, it was black, and he kept it always waxed. 

 3174. When Jason saw Mr. Roach’s car tears would practically come into his eyes, as if he wanted to get down on his knees and worship the car, kiss and hug it if he could.  All that was necessary was for that car to come into sight, and Jason would start telling me various details about it. Because of this I considered Jason, who was fast becoming my only friend in the world; to be a complete idiot. 

3175. It was impossible not to be struck by an obvious important fact; Jason’s Grandmother did not have a car. From the look of things I suspected that she had never owned a car, and perhaps did not even have a license. Listening to Jason go on about cars I could not shake the uneasy suspicion that Jason, like his Grandmother was probably destined to never own a car also.

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