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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2720 - 2723

2720. Regardless of all these difficulties it is still necessary to attempt to explain what Faldoni was doing with his color mixing when painting his borders. My explanation is going to be confusing and in the end may be as pointless as is the attempt to describe tastes, but I have to give it a try, I don’t know why.

2721. To explain this theory of color we will use a copy of a new Architectural Digest, just as we did when we were talking about the relativity of color. We can use the February issue, it just came in the mail. Turn to page six and you will see a building that looks like it was made out of a gigantic piece of melted plastic.

2722. But it is impossible to use page six to begin explaining my color theory, which we have to get through in order to find out what happens to Faldoni, when on page six is a picture of a piece of architecture so annoying that it is difficult to go on. The best thing to do is to tear out page six and then cover the hideous building and everything else but the blue sky in the upper left hand corner. 

2723. Cover up the blue with some white printer paper so that it is surrounded by white on all sides and you will have a blue square about an inch and a half square. Next put your blue square under a table lamp so it is well lit up and then stare at the square with concentrated devotion as if you life depended on memorizing its tint, for a full minute.

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