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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2692 - 2695

 2692. Up until the day when Faldoni began to paint geometric patterns, the procedure had been the same from time immemorial. First all of the various colors and tints of the pattern were mixed up and put up in little jars, and then the pattern was drawn into the plaster with a pointed stylus.

 2693. Once this was done the artist began to paint in each little section just like a paint by numbers painting and each section was brought to completion with all of its colors before the artist went on to the next section of the pattern. This meant that at a certain point perhaps half the border might be finished completely and all the rest would not be started.

 2694. Faldoni, in his simplicity, attacked the project of painting borders in an entirely different way. Let us say for example that each section of the pattern had a red circle in the middle. Faldoni would take his jar of red and paint absolutely every single red circle in all the borders he was to complete on a given day, all at once.

2695. So, Faldoni’s method consisted of painting all of the sections of a given color together, and when he completed one color he would go on to the next, perhaps a black square, or a yellow triangle. By this method a point would be reached when the entire pattern would be half finished, as opposed to a situation where one half was completed  and the rest not even started.

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