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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2688 - 2691

 2688. Just consider for a moment the Sistine Chapel ceiling. If one looks at the entire thing one notices how all of the various scenes are edged with decorative patterns. It is true that the decorative patterns used in the Sistine Chapel are much simpler compared to earlier work, and so seem more modern to the contemporary eye. 

 2689. But they are simpler because Mr. Buonarroti who painted them had to do all of them himself as he would not consider having any assistants working for him. He was no different from anyone else however when it came to painting endless intersecting geometric patterns and so he kept that part of his project to a minimum. 

 2690. He was heard to say to the Pope one time, “Muscles interest me, and so do the facial expressions of the dammed suffering the torments of hell, and the look of rapture on the faces of angels and saints lit by the glow of divine light, but I just can’t stand to spend my time carefully painting rows of little circles intersecting little squares and triangles all of which are supposed to remind one of inlaid marble work of the type of interest to simple people.”

 2691. But Faldoni was no Michelangelo and he couldn’t have painted the faces of the dammed in hell or the rapture on the faces of angels, but the painting of circles and triangles intersected by squares and ovals filled him with passionate excitement. He ‘curbed’ his enthusiasm however and even groaned and complained to himself about his task under his breath in the same way he heard everyone else complaining about it.  

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