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Friday, November 29, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2476 - 2479

 2476. To kill some time until he learned more about the process he decided to simply paint another face right next to the one he already painted. He took his trowel and trimmed off the edges of his first face, and made his edges as straight as he could and then he plastered another rectangle. The first rectangle measured  8 by 10 inches, and the new patch was the same size and just to the right of it.

 2477. That evening he painted his second face and it was just as bad as the first. Like the first face, it looked straight out at him symmetrically, with the nose in the middle. There were black lines around the eyes, the lips were red, and the nose was a mess because it was a shape with no lines in it to go by.

 2478. The nose has those two little circles called the nostrils, and he tried to paint then into his portrait but when he did his painting looked like a portrait of a pig, so he had to wash it out and do that part over. When he did it over he could not get his colors to blend quite right, so when he was finished the second face looked like a person whose face had been in an accident.

2479. The master at that time was painting a series of faces into the almost finished mural. Faldoni was especially fortunate because of this as it afforded him many opportunities to see how certain impossible problems of drawing a simple face might be dealt with.

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