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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2436 - 2439

 2436. He was especially interested in how the master painted the faces to completion so rapidly and deftly without any trouble as if it was even easier that laying the plaster on the wall in the first place. Faldoni would have liked to be allowed, just as a favor, to paint in some small and unimportant section of the work. 

 2437. He was thinking it might be acceptable for him to paint some of the blue of the sky up in a corner, or perhaps he might be allowed to paint some section of the ground, with a few stalks of grass sticking up here and there. He might make a mess of it, but then it could be easily scrubbed out with a sponge and replaced.

 2438. When Faldoni asked to be allowed to paint some something the other apprentices not only refused, but reacted in horror, as if he had asked to do some cutting of flesh in a delicate operation being preformed by some surgeons.

2439. At the end of the day there were always leftover materials scattered around on the floor in front of the mural, and whenever it was possible Faldoni started to save up these remainders, intending to practice painting all by himself in his cell.

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