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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2344 - 2347

 2344. But, she soon realized God had not changed his mind about Coromo’s papers, the unheard of was happening, there were two voices in her head, and they were having an argument. For a long moment she was under the mistaken impression that the voice was just engaged in a back and forth about the question, but no, she realized, it was two different voices. She could tell because God’s voice had a characteristic nasal sound to it and this new voice was more feminine and almost seductive. 

 2345. If you had been able to just listen to the sound of these two voices, without even knowing what was being said, you would get the impression that a husband and wife were having an argument in a nearby apartment. 

 2346.  For years you have been able  to hear this couple talking to each other, especially at about 6:30, when they have dinner. Never before have you ever heard them arguing about anything, but today you are horrified to realize that your neighbors and getting into a real row about something. You have no idea what it is about, but you like your neighbors, and it depresses you that they should argue, even though you know every relationship is going to have some disagreements. 

  2347. That is how it was for Grandmother. The voice in her head was now two voices, a male and a female. The man wanted Coromo to stay put and not go traveling, and the woman was adamant that Coromo had to follow his own inner voice, and do what he was obviously destined to do. It was none of Grandmother’s, God’s, are anyone else’s business if he was going to go to New York or not.

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