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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2220 - 2223

 2220. I would never humiliate  or embarrass Poseidon himself by telling you how the other gods laughed him to scorn, spilling ambrosia from their golden goblets as the laughed uproariously to see the great god vanquished because of a rooster. Neither would I heap scorn on him by describing how he slunk away from the feast in shame, and brooded on his inevitable revenge. 

 2221. What sort of a self-destructive writer do you take me for? I would no sooner mention any of those things than I would step on cracks in the sidewalk on my way to school. As it is, having written what I have I may never be able go out in a  boat ever again, but such is the price of narrating the unvarnished truth.

 2222. The situation Otis found himself in was not as dismal and dangerous as you might imagine. He may have offended Neptune for a moment, but it doesn’t take very long for the bones of the  immortals to heal up, but the question arises, “do those pagan gods have a sense of fair play or not?” Having entered the ring in the form of Leon, didn’t he put Otis, who was only a mortal wolf, in an impossible position. 

2223. I ask you, wouldn’t you lose respect for Poseidon if he were to hold a grudge against Otis? Wouldn’t you think that it was an attitude unworthy of a metaphysical entity occupied at all times with the wind and the waves of the sea, and all that goes on therein?

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