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Friday, August 30, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2016 - 2019

 2016. Finally, amid all of the confusion, Otis’ eyes fastened on a darkened corner in which he made out the form of his friend the rooster, and he was greatly relieved to see him. The rooster was a bird, and so Otis imagined that he would be able to completely explain their predicament. In this he was partly correct. 

 2017. From listening to the conversation of the birds in the cages the Rooster understood that they were in the clutches of a fowler. The fact that he himself was not in any cage and was free to roam about the floor of the wagon clearly indicated that his fate would be the same as all other roosters. He was most likely to be used for dinner. The rooster was stoic about his fate as any bird would be.

 2018. His greatest concern was for Otis, what did a fowler want with a dog. Obviously a dog could be sold, but the Rooster thought otherwise. He thought about their skit, were they engage in a cock and dog fight, and he had a feeling that something of the sort was in store for Otis. He explained all there was to explain about the birds in the cages and how they were as a rule sold as pets. He explained also how most likely he would be running about without his head in a few hours.

2019. But the Rooster said not a single word about the idea of dog fights. He was under the false impression that Otis was actually afraid of roosters and he had no reason to think otherwise. But there was one thing that altered his idea of Otis.

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