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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2008 - 2011

 2008. The crows pretend to be interested, and will dredge up pieces of conversation and observations they have heard by eavesdropping on other pigeon discussions, but it comes across as insincere and forced, just like the friendly drunk in a bar, who sidles up to you and spouts pleasantries, but in his eyes you can see his desire to stab you if he can just dream up some excuse.

 2009. The conversation of the birds in the Fowler’s wagon was of an entirely different kind. These were wild birds who had never been in cages before and it took them several weeks to get over the shock and the terror of their situation, and after that to figure out exactly what their situation actually was. Many of them were birds of very rare types, the sort sought out by a fowler on the look out for valuable and colorful birds. 

 2010. For business purposes, when the fowler had empty cages, he filled them up with sparrows and pigeons. Sparrows and pigeons could always be sold for something, and it was best for display purposes that the cages all be full so that the chattering would draw the attention of costumers. In the van as they traveled it was these sparrows and pigeons that were doing all of the talking. 

2011. The rare and expensive birds had almost nothing to say and held aloof like aristocrats who find themselves in low surroundings. After a few days at an annual fair they soon figured out their situation: they were for sale to the highest bidder, and they were very expensive birds. The sparrows and pigeons on the other hand, were worth next to nothing. 

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