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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 1992 - 1995

 1992. When morning came the three comedians slept very late and awoke to find they were asleep on the bare ground in the middle of a vast field that the previous day had been a fairgrounds but now, since it was late Monday morning, was completely deserted. All that was left of Vince the Fowler’s tent were the holes in the ground where the poles had been. For several minutes they could not figure out what had happened.

 1993. After repeatedly calling out for Otis over and over again it slowly began to dawn on the three of them that both Otis and  the rooster were missing. Even with that realization it did not cross their minds that there could have been any foul play. They expected that any moment their dog would appear from around a corner caring in his mouth something fresh for breakfast. As for the rooster, they didn’t even give him a thought.

 1994. The problem was that they had no comprehension of the value that Otis represented to their troupe; that is how dense they were. If Otis went missing, or if the rooster met with misfortune they imagined they would simply replace the two of them at the earliest opportunity. How wrong they were about this they were never to understand, even when attendance at there performances dropped back to pre Otis levels. 

1995. Even if they had an idea going in search of Otis or the rooster it would have been difficult. They were in a town called The Five Corners, so named because it was the intersection of five highways. This was the reason it was the location of so many fairs and festivals. These three comedians, whom we have never even bothered to name, now fell on extremely hard times. Perhaps their suffering was a just punishment for not having appreciated Otis and the rooster more.

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