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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 1984 - 1987

 1984. I will attempt to describe the man who kidnapped Otis. He was not a very nice person. In all of the characters I have had to describe this is the first one whom I do not care for. Perhaps he has some redeeming characteristics but at this point I do not know of any. I will have to describe him in reverse, by telling you all of the things this man was not, for example, he was not at all like Leonardo da Vinci.

 1985. Leonardo was tall and handsome, and Otis’ abductor was short and ugly. Leonardo could play the lute like a troubadour, but this man could only hum out of tune. For now, since we do not know his name we will call him Vince, after the man he was so unlike. He was the opposite of Leonardo in that he could not paint or draw anything, and his conversation was not interesting because he stammered, and could never finish his sentences without repeating himself three times. 

1986. Leonardo had a long and flowing beard, and Vince only had a few warts with crooked hairs sticking out from them. Vince and Leonardo had this one thing in common. Leonardo used to follow ugly deformed people around town and do drawings of them on the sly, and Vince looked like one of Leonardo’s drawings. Leonardo used to go to the marketplace and purchase birds that were for sale in little cages. Once he purchased them he would set them free. 

1987. Vince used to catch little birds, put them in cages and then sell them, when he did not have them for supper, because Vince was a fowler, that was his business.   People usually purchased birds when times were good and they had extra money, but when times were bad the price of birds fell, and they were sold for food instead of companionship.

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