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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mrs.Festini's Breakdown, parts 1398 - 1401

1398. Sometimes a person is wronged, neglected, and ignored and nevertheless places all of the blame on themselves and tries their very best to be patient and understand.  But then a sudden explosion of emotion takes place somewhere in the mind of such a sufferer, and in a flash arises a very vengeful mood, a mood that will brook no interference, a mood leading to confrontation. That is what now happened to Mrs. Festini. 

1399. Come what may she was going to have it out with the museum director, with the secretary and, yes, her husband, and his insufferable accountant also. She did not go off half-cocked either. She got out the phone book, opened it to "attorney," and made a phone call. That afternoon she went to a meeting with a man she had known since grade school, a very competent and sympathetic lawyer.

1400. At her meeting with the lawyer she said. "I don't want to sue anyone, and there is no need even for small claims court, but my husband has to file his taxes, I need the correct forms, and the Museum refuses to comply and will not return my calls. All I ask is that you come with me to the museum and speak for me, so that I will not have to say anything at all. I just want them to see that I am serious professional artist.

1401. The lawyer knew in an instant exactly what the problem was; as a matter of fact he had seen it coming for two years now. He had been a member of the board of the museum for a long time, and he had seen the gradual deterioration of the director. He knew that the secretary had gradually taken over the running of the museum. All the board members knew the director was going to have to retire, but as of yet not one of them had the courage to confront the situation.

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