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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 894 - 897

894. "These pictures and these frames are just the sort of thing I see when I visit my Aunt that has dementia in her critical care facility. There is nothing more depressing that this sort of art. And why is it that every single thing in this room is some variation of tan or beige. As for these fine art reproductions, Rembrandt may have been a great painter but who wants to look at his sour self-portrait while trying to enjoy one's vacation in the tropics.

895. "And look at this thing," he said, pointing to one of the manager's favorite Bouguereau prints, "Don't people realize that this sort of art, this kind of smarmy image was out of date fifty years ago. The thing to do is to take all this stuff down and replace it with impressionist paintings, full of color and light. My suggestion would be  to use only the works of Van Gogh.

896. At this point in the meeting the only woman on the board spoke up. "Please God not Van Gogh, if you put up all Van Gogh's the place will look like a psychiatric hospital, that is all you ever see in those places.

897. The woman who made this comment was named Rose VanDusenberg. After she made this comment there was a long silence and in that silence hung the question, 'how do you know about the interior decoration of mental hospitals.'

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