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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Buboni In Love, parts 882 - 885

Images 882 - 885 by R Britell
882. By the time he finished with these personal remembrances from his childhood love life he was talking to all of us rather than just to Aunt Jemima. He was nervous that he had said too much, and seemed to retract into himself as he finished, as if he wanted to avoid any questions. 

883. "Have you ever been married Buboni?" asked Aunt Jemima. What sort of a question was this? Was it a question driven by a desire to know Buboni more intimately, was it a question that signaled that Jemima reciprocated his new found interest in her?

884. Or was it a clinical question, like one of a series of questions a doctor will ask examining a person in the emergency room of a hospital, answers to be added to a list of other replies the sum total of which will be used to draw some conclusion.

885. Buboni knew the answer to the question, but he did not have any idea why the question had been asked of him. To Buboni the answer was irrelevant, but the reason for the question was, to him, very important. He began to answer, but found himself at a lost for words, and so said nothing.

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  1. Richard - I am still really enjoying your blog so much! So glad that you have and continue to inspire me! Have a marvelous Thanksgiving!