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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 673 - 676

673. You probably did not know this, but  Marie and Amadeus were only a few months apart in age, and the stories the Empress was hearing about the little Mozart had given her a very misguided notion of what could be expected of Marie Antoinette.  She thought to herself, "My Marie is of royal birth, therefore she has royal abilities as her birthright. How can you compare royal abilities to the abilities or ordinary people."

674. Furthermore the Empress did not even believe all of the stories floating around about Mozart, and she was sure they were just impossible exaggerations. Just the previous month she had visited a village to have a look at a three headed calf, which turned out to be only an ordinary two headed calf. She was used to rumors and exaggerations and often said, "Look, until they invent photography you can't trust anything anyone says."

675. And her advisers agreed with her saying that the eventual invention of photography would not solve anything because of photo-shop. You just had to trust your own judgment. And when it came to the question of five year old prodigies playing Bach fugues, she just did not believe it. Furthermore she really did not like Bach's music all that much, having heard him play the organ once when she was a child.

676. "I heard that Bach person playing the organ in Salzburg when I was a child", she exclaimed, "He should have stuck to making mechanisms for cuckoo clocks and not bothered with music composition but what can you expect from  heretic Lutheran fanatics."

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