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Monday, September 24, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 652 - 655

652. Let us consider the entire question from the beginning, starting with the caveman articles, working out way through Marie Antoinette's village, and ending with the French Easel's shall we? " said the Duck. "Yes", the professor  said, "I will begin with the cavemen if you don't mind."

653. "Cavemen", said Buboni, "You may think I do not know anything about cavemen but you would be wrong. I would say without a doubt that I know almost all there is to know about cavemen, minus a few insignificant details, but let me explain.

654. I took a quick glance at the Duck, because I was wondering if Buboni was going to declare that he had universal consciousness and memory as I knew the Duck had, but the placid look on the Duck's countenance told me that universal consciousness was not going to figure into the dissertation, but how could the professor really know anything about cavemen, I wondered?

655. Buboni held up his hand and spread out his fingers and asked a rhetorical question, "How many fingers do I have? He said. "Five" we answered. "And how many fingers did the cavemen have"?  He continued, and then, not waiting for our answer he said:

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