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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coromo, Chapter 2, parts 624 - 627

624. But there was something more, Coromo thought about having sold six pictures and about Ms. Tallulia's offer to buy all his pictures for one dollar each, in his mind he addressed the manager like this “I am sorry Mister Manager about disappointing you with this job, but you see, I am an artist, and I have to work on my paintings, so I don’t really have time any more for your resort."

625. I have told you what Coromo looked like, he was tall and handsome, with a self-depreciating smile and a very nice set of teeth, and since I have to describe the conversation that took place between him and the restaurant manager I will describe the manager also. Here is his description.

626. The restaurant manager was neither tall nor short, he had a fairly ordinary face, and his mannerisms reminded you of nobody in particular. He was fond of making vague gestures with his hands when he was speaking, but these gestures never had anything to do with what he was saying. About his clothing and his wardrobe, he was the sort of person whose taste in clothing would be forgotten even as you were looking at him, so I can't remember it.

627. Coromo entered the Manager's office, the office was in the basement at the end of a long hallway. When he entered the manager was reading some e-mails on his computer and so for about five minutes he pretended that Coromo was not there. Finally he looked up and asked his visitor to sit down.

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