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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coromo, Chapter 2, parts 620 - 623

620. Coromo’s sale of six pictures to Ms. Tallulia was not overlooked by the manager of the dining room of the resort.  Interaction of the staff with the resort clients was tolerated only to a certain point, but he had called attention to himself by his involvement with the three sisters, and now the transaction with the flamboyant Tallulia produced a curious incident. The manager requested Coromo to come to his office after work.

621. I did not mention that he had been warned after the interaction with the sisters to not be so familiar with the clients; there were rules to be observed. He was to answer personal questions as briefly as possible, and under no circumstances to get involved in personal conversations.

622.  “Don’t ever get it into your head that you are one of them, that you can sit down at their tables and chitchat with them. They may get drunk and forget themselves, they may succumb to some notions of equality when they have had so much to drink they can't think straight, but they will regret in in the morning.” Said the manager to Coromo.

623. “So if I ever catch you again fraternizing with the clients like you did with the three sisters, back to your village you go, do you understand me,” concluded the manager. All day long Coromo was expecting to get fired that evening, his stomach hurt in anticipation. He tried to compose a self-defense, and he came up with this. He had to chose between following the rules, and being rude, so he chose not to be rude, that was his defense.

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