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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aunt Jemima's Paintings, parts 528 - 531

528. I wish you could have seen the look on old Buboni's face as Aunt Jemima finished talking about her floor moping in terms of modern art. I came across a picture and posted it above, it shows the sort of expression he had, it is of a boy who is hearing a sound for the first time, after his hearing was repaired by surgery.

529. The professor had been accustomed for so many years to discussing art at gallery openings and in academic circles, and in all the years of his career had never heard anyone outside of the upper classes say anything intelligent or perceptive about modern art.

530. And now this poor cleaning lady was not only talking about his favorite subject, but putting it in a way that would have never crossed his mind. And all of us realized;  thinking of floor moping as expressionistic painting was a perfect example of Buboni's theory of Dedstructivism.

531. Here is a picture of Aunt Jemima; it is not a current picture but one taken many years ago. In it you can see the animation that was in her face as she talked about cleaning the floors of the hospital.

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