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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ranting and Raving, parts 396 - 399

Richard Britell July 23, 2012

396. The nurse had some good news for us, old Buboni did not have cholera after all; his tests had come back negative she said, and so could we please leave because the auxiliary hospital had been set up only to deal with the cholera epidemic.

397. I truly think that this was the lowest point in the poor old art historian's life. "I'm dying now", he said, "And I am going to die of the wrong disease. It turns out that I do not have the 'disease de jour,' Alright then", he continued, " lets go out to the car, and I will die in the back seat under a packing blanket, like the grandmother in the Grapes of Wrath." Having said his piece he collapsed on the cot and started to snore.

398. But the Duck was not about to let this happen, he pulled the nurse aside and said, "Is this hospital really going to accept the responsibility for sending this old man out into the night with a 104 degree temperature, and delirious?"

399. The nurse went out of the room and came back with the doctor who said that, in light of the old mans temperature he could stay put till the morning, but then he would have to go. The nurse and the doctor left, and I said, "Duck, how did you know Buboni's temperature?" "I just made it up" he said.

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