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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ranting and Raving, parts 392 - 395

Richard Britell July 22, 2012

392.  With Cholera, the first thing to do is blood work to establish if it is indeed the infection, so that is what was done. While this was happening the Duck looked on and I unscrewed the pictures from the wall and slid all three of them under the bed. The Nurse and the Doctor paid not the least attention to me, I guess it was because they were so intent on Buboni's condition.

393. Removing the pictures from the wall was hardly any help to Buboni, who continued to thrash around on his old army cot, changing his position every second.  The Doctor and the nurse left and the old man sat up and stared very hard at the wall in front of him where the fall scene had been just a few minutes before. What assaulted his poor blood shot eyes was the sight of a big light colored patch on the wall where the picture had been, and small black holes where the screws had been.

394. It's minimalism, that is what this is," he said pointing to the white patch on the wall. "And those disgusting Hotel lobby fall scenes are just the thing to make one love minimalism. There is only one thing vastly superior to minimalism, and that is, NOTHING, Nothing at all"  He shouted. "And as far as this sort of minimalism goes, it is the accidental sort of the art form, as opposed to the artificial intend type as, force fed to us by Judd and his ilk." 

395. What on earth he was talking about I had no idea but fortunately he lapsed back into a coma and the Duck and I had some peace and quiet for a while, then the nurse came back into the room with a curious expression on her face.

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