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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Casting Manhole Covers, parts, 296 - 299

Richard Britell June 27, 2012

296. I feel very bad spending so much time telling you about my trivial concerns with the plasters casts of the manhole covers, and in the meantime poor old Buboni was there in the front seat of the 2CV dying of cholera. I am sure you want to know what happened to him.

297. I am going to tell you outright that Buboni did not die. It all happened only just a few days ago, and I want to put your mind at rest about this, because I know you are concerned about him, just as I was.

298. I could have dragged the story out, and made you think he was going to die any instant, but that is the sort of thing professional writers do, and by now you probably realize that I am not one of those sorts.

299. But the great art historian's stay in the hospital was very interesting in many other ways, and that is what I want to tell you about.

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