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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Casting Manhole Covers, parts, 292 - 295

Richard Britell June 26, 2012

292. I was so upset about this I called Mrs. Festini at home the next day, but she know all about it. "You're not thinking", she said, "only the mold is reversed, when you pull out the cast it will be right reading."

293. "Just consider", said Festini over the phone,"the face you see in the mirror every day is reversed and it doesn't bother you, you never notice it, and when you see someone you know reflected in a window you would never even notice the face is reversed unless they had a license plate attached to their forehead, then you would see it instantly."

294. "Because a license plate is so much more important than a person's face isn't it Mr. Bartlesby," she said.

295. That was Mrs. Festini being sarcastic again.

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