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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Buboni, Lost In The Woods, parts 256 - 259

Richard Britell June 17, 2012

256. "You mean to tell me," exclaimed the Duck, "the itinerant Nigerian man who was selling the fake handbags in front of the Shrine is a brother of the Monastery?"

257. "Not exactly", responded the Abbot. "He showed up about a year ago and asked for lodging for the night. He was in such a tattered condition we could hardly refuse. In the morning he made himself useful by tidying up the kitchen and  weeding the garden before the brothers came down for breakfast. He does not really speak French, and knows just a little English, but the amazing thing about him is, he knows the King James version of the Bible practically by heart."

258. "He uses mostly quotes from the Bible to communicate with us, and to this day we can't be sure if he understands what he is saying or not, or if it is something like a parrot repeating things he has heard over and over. Regardless of his handsome physical appearance and physical strength, we think he may actually be a little..." Here the Abbot fell silent. He was about to imply the Nigerian was slow,  but he was reluctant to actually say it.

259. The business of selling the fake hand bags began shortly after his arrival, but we have, I must admit, ignored it because he is so useful to us in so many ways, with all the heavy work that must be done day and night in an establishment like this. For some reason he has always been terrified of the local police, and has run off like this on more than one occasion.

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